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To my readers

Hi, I'm Daisy Mae Byrd, .....a retired and seasoned sales person from the Jewelry retail industry. But like most African Americans, I was born and raised in poverty. Having grown up without a mother at age nine on a secluded farm in South Georgia, it has always been my dream to break the chain of poverty handed down in my family for generations, though it seemed UN-obtainable and far fetched. With limited education, I appreciated my employment over the years, but unfortunately,  I unknowingly set a trap that chained and shackled my girls and I to poverty indefinitely. So one can imagine the absolute joy I felt when I came up with the idea of  writing my autobiography Titled 'SOUTHERN GIRL' in hopes of someday making it a best seller, thus freeing me and my family from poverty.  With over twenty years burning the midnight oil, while working a full time job, with chaos raining down on me, I finally made it available to you, the reading public. I truly hope that you will support me in my efforts to promote it by purchasing your copy of my compelling novel. It's life and death struggles, neglect, denial, abuse and more,.....makes it a page  turner. 


                    Thanks for visiting my Website. I am honored that you have taken time out of your busy
 schedule to visit . Just as anything else I have dared to venture into, this site and it's contents have been compiled through my own creativity and raw natural talent. And nothing have given me more pleasure at any point in my life to give those who care, the opportunity to take  a peek into my horrendous yet spirit filled life. I can only hope that I have written a word, phrase or painted a piece of art that might inspire you to pursue your own dreams. In addition,  I would love to receive your feedback  or suggestions in the box below. By doing so you give me your permission to post and publish     your comments on this site for promotional purpose only. For more info simply email me at:
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A Southern Girl Project

But just when I thought all was said and done in my first book, all hell broke loose. The devil was not done with me yet! Deceit, illness, being evicted, and cast out from among family, all seemed too much to bare. And the hijacking of my first book 'Southern Girl' along with the taking of my family names without my permission brought about the most devastating point in my life, thus came the launching of a second book, titled SOUTHERN GIRL 2,....THE EXPLOITATION OF  DAISY AND LOLA. It's heart wrenching pages will both captivate,anger, and mortify it's readers. The Southern Girl duo  is reminiscence of years gone by in the African American community, and a reminder of how the more things change the more they remain the same. To fully appreciate the entire saga, my readers must read both spell binding books.  This book will be launched in late August, so feel free to pre-order your copy, either digital or soft copy that will be mailed directly to your address. Provide mailing and contact information in the box below.
On a lighter note,.....please visit my art gallery here on this site to view my primitive style art, also reflections of years gone by. These highly detailed pieces of colorful art was collected and compiled into an enticing and educational children book aimed at motivating children to eat their vegetables. If you and your family can relate to country life in the old days or enjoy country scenes,  be certain to order your child a copy of this book, as they will be delighted to read each colorful page, as it's main character take them on a journey of forgotten farm life. A great history book for  pre-school and elementary kids! 
It is you, the reading public, and all whom dare to dream that inspire me in ways that you can not imagine to be my best self. I truly hope you find success. I wish you peace, love and prosperity.                  Miss Daisy
or,  daziemaze@gmail.com